Working Group

In 2019, a rapprochement between the two commissions started, in the format of informal talks on the grounds and regular exchanges during Working Group sessions.
The Working Group on a Common Economic Space from Lisbon to Vladivostok supports dialogue with regular meetings in different places hosted by participating partner institutions. Each meeting is attended by representatives from supporting enterprises, business chambers, government institutions such as ministries, politicians, diplomats, and parties interested in joining the initiative. The Working Group is open to considering all topics that would develop the cooperation between the EU and EAEU.

Task Forces

Task forces work on practical policy recommendations in the form of position papers. Recommendations are inspired by real experience and are developed jointly with the companies themselves.
Spheres such as a visa-free regime, harmonization of technical regulations, logistics, digitalization, customs, and taxation (VAT) are currently being tackled.

Visa-free regime
Key objectives:

  • Short-term: simplifying visa application procedures (using existing visa codes, e.g. by reducing costs and number of required documents, introducing online applications, etc.)
  • Mid-term: abolishing the visa regime for short-term business trips and tourism (Belarussian model)
  • Long-term: establishing visa-free travel from Lisbon to Vladivostok
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Harmonizing technical regulation
Key objectives:

  • Establishing a communication channel of and a working method between EU and EAEU institutions such as the EEC and CEN/CENELEC
  • Starting a formal process of standards harmonization between EU and EAEU bodies
  • Mutually accepting test laboratories and their reports as a basis for conformity assessment certification
  • Harmonizing the certification/ declaration schemes of the EAEU with the modules of the EU
  • Involving industry and exporters in order to exchange experiences, address issues, and find solutions
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