May 11, 2021: Business from Lisbon to Vladivostok

Online Discussion|15:30 – 17:00 CET | Program

Language: German

Together with the Economic Forum of the SPD e.V., the Lisbon-Vladivostok Initiative invites to a virtual panel discussion. Topics:

  • How can German and European companies profit from a cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union?
  • How does the Lisbon-Vladivostok Initiative contributes to trade relations between Europe and Eurasia?
  • Spotlight: Green Deal and Pharmaceutical Industry

Welcome and moderation: Matthias Machnig, Vice President of the SPD Economic Forum
– Dr. Andreas Nicolin, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
– Ulf Schneider, SCHNEIDER GROUP / Lisbon-Vladivostok Initiative
– Matthias Schepp, German-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
– Monica Giazzi, WILO
– Dr. Hubertus Cranz, German Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (B.A.H.)


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